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The Mail & Parcel House

Octopus Link Express is a global mail and parcel company in Luxembourg with efficiency, reliability and excellence in customer services. We continue to expand through technology with established presence of experience staffs making us number one in Luxembourg. We provide reliable but cheap mail and parcel delivery services including domestic, international, economy, drop off, express, weekend and same day across a range of the world’s leading courier companies, so no matter what (or how much) you need to receive, Octopus Link Express has it covered.



How we work / Receive mail or parcel


Steps to follow


We help you receive your mail and parcel from any courier, postal, express and parcel operators world-wide while you are busy and not available at your home. All you need to do is to address your mail or parcel in our care (C/o) and send email or call informing us of putting your mail or parcel in care (C/o) of our Mail and Parcel House.


Upon the arrival of the mail or parcel, we send a notification to you (parcel owner) via text or email, informing you of your mail or parcel arrival in real time. Mail or parcel can now be picked up from our Mail and Parcel House at your convenient time.



Exoworld Sàrl   

20 Rue des Trévires

L - 2628 Luxembourg City.

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg



Mail & Parcel House Advantages



*No inconvenient opening hours

*100 % secure

*Reliable but cheap

*Notification of mail or parcel arrival via text message or email

*We keep your mail or parcel when you are not in town for longer period


Terms and Conditions



*Customers must send email or call informing us of putting their mail or parcel in care (C/o) of Octopus Link Express (Mail and Parcel House)

*All mail or parcel received by Octopus Link Express (Mail and Parcel House) must be picked up within two working days, after notification has been sent to customer.

Please, do inform us if there is any reason why you cannot pick up within the stipulated two working days’ time frame. Failure to do so, extra charges will apply.


Pick Up: 6 days a week

Days: Monday – Saturday

Opening Hours: 10:00am – 8:00pm

N.B.: Plus you can also receive deliveries on Sundays upon request. 



Fees and categories



A – Small: 0.01 – 10kg=5€

B – Medium: 10,1 – 25kg=5€

C – Large: 25 – 50kg=10€



NOTE: Mail or parcel must be within the range of size 130x70x50cm


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