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What we do
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Octopus Link Entertainment is an artist/ talent agency and a division of (Octopus Link Events) specialized in Artists & Talent management ranging from musical artist, acts, dance, sports animation, juggles…


Our areas of musical artists are:  World, Afro beat, Jazz, Funk, Afro rock, Latino, Afro hip-hop, Reggae and Gospel.


Octopus Link Events is a name to be record with, when it comes to artist/ talent agency in Europe, The Caribbean, Africa and around the world. Our dedication to putting artist/ talent interest first, makes us unique among others.


We have wild range of opportunities for artist/ talent in a worldwide media marketplace in the entertainment industry. These include: motion picture, television, music, theatre, sports, books, live entertainment, digital media, video gaming, mobile entertainment, licensing and commercials.


What Does Octopus Link Entertainment Do?


It is your agent who perhaps has the most clearly defined role. Octopus Link Events as an agent/ manager is responsible for advising you on all face of your career, from your image to your choice of collaborators. We protect artist/ talent from entering into an unfair contract.


Your attorney is responsible for a wide range of legal issues, including setting up your business structure, reviewing your contracts and protecting your intellectual property. Octopus Link Events as the agent, however, has only one function - getting you employment.


Generally, we make agreements with every of our artist/ talent to have an initial term of 1 to 3 years.  Additional 1 year options are possible, sometimes based on certain specified levels of income having been achieved during the term.


We also receive a commission which ranges between 10 to 20%.  However, most performers union agreements impose a 10% - 15% cap on agent’s commissions depending on the country where the agreements is made.


We limit the commissionable income to live performance monies and exclude any recording and publishing income. Except in the case were we are having exclusive basis agreement with the artist/ talent. This means the artist/ talent signed with us to puts together package deals in a variety of media.

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